Key proprietary technological points Agrata will leverage to revolutionize the mud crab industry

  • Proprietary recirculating aquaculture system (RAS) hatchery based on 4 years of research and development that enables higher larval survivability allowing us to out produce competitors.

  • Highlights include:​

  • Up to 13x larval survival improvement in testing over market benchmark (repurposed shrimp hatcheries)

  • Custom tank design tailored for Scylla serrata - reducing larval rearing operating complexity and lowering animal stress

  • Modular system enabling on-demand usage

  • Custom feed formulation for Scylla serrata aiming to lower feed conversion ratio (FCR). New protein combination seeking to lower FCR below 2, the current industry benchmark based on the use of pelletized shrimp feed.


  • Test trials to be conducted with the Aquaculture Innovation Centre (AIC) in Singapore. 

Development Roadmap
  • On farm IoT integrations

    • Smart water quality monitoring​

  • Mechanization of soft-shell farming process

    • Automated pontoon harvesting​

  • Genetics program to improve survivability and increase pathogen resistance