The Agrata Advantage

Our Tech

Proprietary Recirculating Aquaculture System (RAS) Hatchery

Internally developed hatchery based on 4 years of research and development that enables higher larval survivability allowing us to out produce competitors - a market that currently is over 90% wild catch based. Highlights include:

  • Up to 13x larval survival improvement in testing over market benchmark

  • Custom tank design tailored for Scylla serrata reducing larval rearing complexity and lowering animal stress

  • Modular system enabling on-demand usage

Scylla serrata Feed (In development)

Custom feed formulation for Scylla serrata aiming to lower feed conversion ratio (FCR)

Our Farms

Located in the pristine Riau Islands of Indonesia, our pilot farming operations focus solely on the sustainable production of Scylla serrata, otherwise known as the Samoan or Mud crab. We provide the technology and expertise for our partners to vertically integrate, engaging in the entire life cycle of our crabs from the hatchery to our customers' plates. This level of control across the value chain not only ensures the absolute best quality produce but also allows for the continued sustainability of the Scylla serrata species in the wild.


As a popular delicacy around the world, enjoyed both in hard-shell and soft-shell forms, Scylla serrata is under threat from over fishing and the destruction of their habitat. Our crab production methods circumvent the need for wild catch and afford our customers the opportunity to continue enjoying this delicious treat, guilt free.